Mission Day Leipzig

We look forward to seeing you at Mission Day in Leipzig on 21/10/2017!

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Welcome Agent!

Discover the saxonian metropolis, join this urban adventure with us and meet other agents with similar ambitions: Complete at least 12 out of 24 missions to get the badge in your scanner.
For information around registration, schedule, missions and many more, just scroll down.

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Registrierung Niantic

To take part in our Mission Day please register here with Nianic. Keep an eye on the correct spelling of your agent name.

Registration QR Code

Please register here to receive the QR code for your check-in after completing 12 missions. This registration is mandatory to get the Badge.


Get your wallets out, the time has come - our Swag Shop is online! Hurry, for some shop items stock is limited (very rare)! Shop will be closed on Thursday 19th of October 2017.

LE Chiffre

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Telegram Chats

Asking questions, babbling, arranging beer meetings - do this in our english or german social TG.
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Help! When do I have to be where?

When? What? Where?
10:00 - 11:30 Meet & Greet Absintherie Sixtina
12:00 - 12:15 Group Photo Infront of the opera
14:00 - 18:00 Scanner Check Absintherie Sixtina


To rent a bike register at NEXTBIKE. For 9€ you can ride a bike through Leipzig for 24 hours.

Public Transport

A day ticket for bus, tram and train costs 7,20€. You can buy it at every ticket machine at nearly all stops for cash only, in the trams and busses for coins only and via the easy.GO App. With easy.GO it’s also possible to check timetables and departure times.

Sim Cards

You can buy prepaid SIM cards in every Telekom/Vodafone/o2 shop, for example at Leipzig main station or nearby shopping centre ‘Höfe am Brühl’. To buy a SIM Card you need your identity card or passport. Telekom offers the best network coverage, but the cheaper tariffs from o2 are an acceptable variant in the city. Happy Hacking!


In the whole city of Leipzig to be allowed to drive you need a green Environmental Badge at your car. It costs 31,90€ and you can get it here: https://www.umwelt-plakette.de/en/store.html If you get caught without the badge, you have to pay around 80€ penalty. Better invest this money in awesome MD Leipzig swag!

Swag Shop

You want awesome swag to show off to your friends which stayed home? You own just one Shirt and definitely need another to cover your immaculately shaped body? You think it’s time to get rid of your Yu-Gi-Oh-Cards and collect stylish biocards? In our shop you’ll find the right stuff:


If our 24 missions doesn't satisfy you enough as a virtual souvenir, we are not offended, but highly recommend you one of our beautiful mosaics in the city. Have a look at http://www.kievbanners.info/leipzig/


What is a Mission Day?

At a Mission Day you play a determined amount of official event missions in time. After finishing the missions and show it to the staff, you gain a badge for your Ingress agent profile.

How do I subscribe?

There is a two step registration. First you have to fill the official niantic registry form. Than you have to register here and get your qr code for the on site check in. To take part in the mission day you don’t have to pay.

What do I have to do to get the badge in my agent profile?

You have to register on the Niantic event page and on the Mission Day Leipzig event page before arrival. Please double check the writing of your agent name. On site you have to complete at least 12 out of the 24 official mission day missions. After finishing show your QR Code and your agent profile at the check in.

When will I get the badge in my agent profile?

Usually Niantic pushes the badges approximately one to two weeks after the event.

What happens during a Mission Day?

The event is starting with a meet and greet in the morning. There you can meet friends, get to know other agents and pick up your free and purchased swag.
At noon we are taking the official group picture of this mission day. This picture will be published on the official Ingress channel. After this you can roam the city and complete at least 12 of the missions.
In the afternoon and early evening you can check in and show your scanner to the staff.

Do I have to join every part of the program?

No. The only mandatory part is the check in, if you want the badge in your agent profile. Everything else is optional. You can do whatever and whenever you want on this mission day. We recommend to participate in all of the official event parts to experience the whole mission day.

Which missions are the right ones i have to complete?

There are 24 missions. They are named like “MD: Leipzig, POINT OF INTEREST“. You can identify them by their picture. In the lower half you will see the logo of city marketing Leipzig and in the upper half is a little picture of the actual point of interest.

In which period of time do I have to complete the missions?

The missions are usually online in the evening of the day before the event. At this time you may start to do at least 12 missions. You will have to show at least 12 official missions at checkin to get the badge in your agent profile. If you want to do more missions feel free to do so. The missions usually do not vanish until the next mission day in our town.

Where/When can I get swag?

Every participant gets a free swag bag as a souvenir. If you want to have more swag, you can order it in our shop. You can pick it up at the Meet & Greet.

How do I stay up to date?

Join our G+ community or follow the telegram newsticker. You can also join our two telegram channels where u can smalltalk and ask any questions you want.


Any more questions? Contact us via Telegram, Hangouts or E-Mail:

Simone S. [Yolana, RES]

Nele P. [Niye, ENL]

Stefan S. [sanfan, ENL]


We want to thank the Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH for kindly supporting us preparing for this amazing event!

Additionally the following ccompanies helped us make this event great: